Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liberty Rising Campaign Launch

Saturday, July 30th 2016 is the launch of
Liberty Rising’s campaign.

Our very first property rights symposium will be in Orem, Utah.

For those near the area and wish to attend, here is the link for registration:

Those who host and attend our symposiums will leave knowing the true story of who LaVoy Finicum was and exactly what he was doing in Oregon. There will be a strong feeling of empowerment to uphold and defend the Constitution as you will be introduced to a burning spirit of liberty coupled with essential resources to aid your development to effectively press forward in pledging an allegiance to the republic.

The mission of Liberty Rising:
We the Finicum Family,
seeking to better
understand, maintain and defend
our God given rights
to further our eternal happiness,
will virtuously let our voices be heard

Educating on the principles of the Constitution
and our testimonies be seen for
  • Personal Property Rights
  • Liberty and Freedom
and one that has become even more
near and dear to us as of late
  • The importance of LIFE

Visit our website for details on how you might host a symposium in your area.