LaVoy Finicum; One Cowboy's Family Stand For Freedom

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LaVoy Finicum: Wrongful Death Complaint

     My husband, LaVoy Finicum, dreamed of having his own cattle ranch since he was a little boy. He was a cowboy through and through and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

     This became a reality for him and our family in 2008.
     It was not too long after his ranch was in operation that he began to feel a metaphoric squeeze from unelected agents who enforce bureaucratic policy. He asked himself how someone who was not voted for had the authority to write law and enforce it at gunpoint. Had not the early Americans already faced this issue years ago; taxation without representation?
     Things were not adding up. After much study it became clear how the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was one interposing overlord of many in today's governmental system. All such bureaucracies violate the original intent of the constitution, which he firmly believed to be inspired by God. He met other ranchers who were also experiencing the same metaphoric squeeze from bureaucracies. The more he studied our constitution the more clear this corruption became and he no longer in good conscience could be idle.
     His first public stand was with the Bundy family as the BLM and FBI were trying to seize their cattle and take over their property in 2014.
     He then took an honest look within and asked himself where it was he stood; was it on freedom’s side? At such point he courageously canceled his contracts with the BLM, thanking them for their service and informed them he no longer needed their help in managing his ranch.
     Unfortunately many misunderstand the relationship a rancher has with the BLM. The BLM is not the owner of the property. What is known as grazing fees is not rent, but a fee for survaying the land and range improvements.  Such confusion is the seed for much division among citizenry. To explain in the simplest terms, we bought our property from the previous owners who had purchased it from the original settlers, not the BLM. The land is a split estate meaning it serves many purposes to allow the hunter, fisher, cattle rancher, miner, logger, and hiker to all enjoy the beauty and resources the land offers simultaneously. The grass that grows on that patch of land is ours; we bought it. The water associated with that ranch is ours; we bought it. We do not pay rent to use our property rights. It is ours. We intend to have continual beneficial use of our property while others also enjoy the split estate feature the settlement offers American citizens.
     After he heard about the oppression the Hammond family from Harney county, OR was suffering at the hands of these unconstitutional bureaucratic agents, he had had enough. He understood if out of control agents could do what they had done to the Hammond and Bundy families that it would happen to him. It was only a matter of time. He decided to attend a peaceful protest and lay flowers on their doorstep before they were taken to prison for a second time for the same trumped up charge.
     Once in Oregon he was approached with the idea of doing a prolonged protest at the Malheur Wildlife Bird Refuge. The hope was to peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances and in so doing bring massive attention to the oppression American citizens in that area had been suffering for far too long. The sole purpose of the petition for a redress of grievances was to get the ball moving in the right direction with the appropriate stakeholders for positive change.

     During this prolonged peaceful protest the cowboys were often approached by local citizens, ranchers, and others wanting to learn more. On January 26, 2016 LaVoy, along with a group of others, were headed to the neighboring county where they were invited to teach a large group of people more about the constitution and how these illegal government entities were slowly, and with stealth, taking our American liberties. It was on this trip that my husband was met by hostile militarized personnel, shot at without cause or reason, where he was driven into a snowy ditch to avoid an illegal roadblock (killstop) that was waiting for him. He got out of the truck with both hands in the air and was shot three times in the back resulting in his death
    My family’s journey since that dreadful snowy day has felt long and has been hard. We have and are still grieving and will be for a very long time. We miss LaVoy and wish he could be home with us again. Filing for a wrongful death lawsuit will not bring LaVoy home but its process will uniquely contribute to the delicate journey of closure for each loved one of LaVoy.
     We have gone through several lawyers before filing the complaint for our wrongful death lawsuit. The slow process has been anything but easy. It took nearly two years, I've interviewed over 30 different lawfirms, had working relationships with four legal teams, and countered back and forth with contracts before the dotted line was signed. We feel very fortunate to have the powerful legal team we now have. We know God's hand has been leading this journey of uncertainty. In redlining our contracts we understand our case is not solely contingency based. We must pay them a large sum as this process continues (that almost all the lawfirms interviewed required) which is why we have been trying to raise money for our legal fund through fundraising. We feel it is worth every penny for the cause. This legal team's expertise is precedented. No other legal team could be as apprised to this case's vital details, which their prior recent victories have earned them (Oregon and Nevada). 
    Our only motivation to continue this long, hard, and expensive journey is to preserve the American dream by ensuring that out of control agents who are delegated sacred controls within our governmental system are held accountable. Out of control agents must not become the norm in this nation.
     The outcome of our case will have a powerful butterfly effect upon this nation. If we do not insist upon this accountability, this type of conduct will continue to take precedence and persist in destroying the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of many more Americans.
     It is not American to deny citizens the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and due process.
We are Americans!
We work for liberty, for where the spirit of liberty is, there will be God’s also.
     As stated before, I declare and pledge my allegiance and responsibility to support, keep, and maintain a pro-responsible government within The United States of America.
     May God bless our effort and God bless this great land we call America!

Written by:

Jeanette Finicum (wife), Brittney Beck (daughter), and Thara Tenney (daughter)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We got the news of the Oregon political prisoners NOT GUILTY verdict while at a liberty event in Colorado. We had been asked to come and address the locals there a second time because, believe it or not; FBI, BLM and Oregon agents had indeed followed us to Colorado asking the local Sherriff to be deputized so they might raid our event. The FBI, BLM and Oregon agents were practicing irresponsible tactics of intimidation and libel with the assumed goal to silence our right of free speech.

We were not made aware of these agents’ inappropriate conduct until weeks after the first event in Colorado. This was because our wonderful host wanted to do her homework before she said anything to be sure she had correct information.

Our host interviewed the Sherriff and then filed an open records request on July 20th 2016 to get a copy of the memo that was sent to the Delta City Council, Interim city police and all department heads.  

The envelope the memo came in:

 The letter that accompanied the memo:

 The Memo:

Our host then went to the City of Delta's council meeting. She read the memo into the public record. They mentioned how they were libeled as very dangerous people, she talked of the power in words and read from the FBI's website how they are defining "Sovereign Citizen." She then went in to get the minutes on Friday Aug. 12, 2016 and found how they did not transcribe their words.

To take it a step further, here is an article in the Delta County Independent by Pat Sunderland published August 10th 2016 talking about our hosts questioning the libel given them by this memo, published 1 day before they spoke with Charles Kettle, the interim police chief on Aug. 11, 2016.

 Were we shocked that we were being followed, that the agents were seeking to intimidate and/or manipulate local law enforcement so to become deputized or that tools of slander were being used to stir up the local citizens in anger and fear for our upcoming arrival for the first event?


Agents went to such lengths using the same tactics in Eastern Oregon when LaVoy and others arrived to peacefully petition the government for a redress of grievances ending with our husband and father being assassinated.  Here is yet another example of agents irresponsibly using their delegated control.  

After all the leg work had been done a letter was written and sent to the Finicum representatives communicating how we would like a face to face meeting with them to discuss our situation and ways to move forward in building the disintegrating trust between the governed and those who are governing.   


Subject: My mother and I are seeking your advice and support.  

Dear …,

My father, Lavoy Finicum, was shot and killed by Oregon State agents, in coordination with Federal agents, on January 26, 2016. My mother, Jeanette, and I have been invited to speak at events around
the country to give a voice to our father’s death. Since then, The FBI, BLM and Oregon agents
are practicing irresponsible tactics of intimidation and libel with the assumed goal to silence my mother’s and my right of free speech.

They have libelously labeled us as an irresponsible group known as “Sovereign Citizens.”. And they have sought to be deputized and raid an event, held for us, outside of their jurisdictions.

My mother and I are seeking to remedy these irresponsible actions, through your advice and support. We sincerely desire and seek a relationship process that includes rebuilding trust between us and our governors.

A meeting took place roughly around June 20th – 28th, 2016 involving the FBI, BLM, Oregon State and Delta County agents. We do not know who organized the meeting in Grand Junction, CO (Mesa County) but it has been assumed the FBI, BLM and Oregon officials led the meeting.
Delta County Sherriff Fred McKee and Charles Kettle who is the Delta, CO interim police chief attended the meeting. Barbara Hulet (organizer of the event for my mother and I) along with other individuals met with Sheriff McKee and Chief Kettle to confirm the meeting and their attendance. The sheriff and police of chief were very concerned about not disclosing any names of the agents who were there or any other details such as who organized the meeting, why it was organized, when the exact date and location was etc.  
They did disclose how the agents were asked permission to conduct a raid on the symposium that was being held at the Delta Fireside Inn, 820 Highway 92 in Delta, CO (Delta County) scheduled for July 6th, 2016. Fortunately, the Delta Sheriff Fred McKee and Charles Kettle, the interim police of chief did not give them permission to raid the event. They expressed how many people in the event would be carrying a fire arm on their person and how they had a right to do so. Barbara thanked the Sheriff and expressed how there were children at this event (including my children and Barbara Hulet’s daughter).
Barbara Hulet found a memo labeling all those who attended the July 6th symposium as “Sovereign Citizens”. This memo was sent out to the Delta City Council, Interim city police and all department heads. She filed an open records request on July 20th 2016 to get a copy of that memo (SEE ATTACHED). This memo was dated June 28th 2016, 8 days before the event that I, Thara Tenney spoke at. It specifically stated how my father, LaVoy Finicum was labeled as a “Sovereign Citizen” and how his wife, Jeanette Finicum would be in attendance. There is no evidence my father was a member of or made any public declaration of support for “Sovereign Citizens”. He always instructed us to be responsible citizens with a responsible government.

On Aug. 2nd Rosemary Anderson, Bev Watts and Barbara Hulet (individuals who helped organize the July 6th symposium I spoke at that the FBI wanted to raid) went to the City of Delta's council meeting. They read the memo into the public record. They mentioned how they were libeled as very dangerous people, Rosemary talked of the power in words and read from the FBI's website how they are defining "Sovereign Citizen", Bev Watts spoke of how they don't belong to or support any such groups. When Rosemary, Donna and Barbara Hulet went in to get the minutes on Friday Aug. 12, 2016 they found how they did not transcribe their words. Here is link to minutes, also see attached:

When Barbara Hulet, Rosemary, and Donna Biliko spoke face to face with Charles Kettle, the interim police chief on Aug. 11, 2016 about the memo, he said he told the city manager David Torgler to send out the memo and that he (Charles Kettle) is taking full responsibility for the memo despite the fact that he says David Torgler the city manager is his boss. In speaking with Charles Kettle (police chief) he expressed he did not fully understand the meaning of being libeled sovereign citizens. Rosemary told him he needed to write a letter to the editor apologizing and Chief Kettle said he would have to have that approved by his boss Mr. David Torgler, city manager, whose name is on the memo. The apology has not taken place as of 9/1/2016.
Here is a link to an article in the Delta County Independent by Pat Sunderland published August 10th 2016 talking about these 3 women questioning the libel given them by this memo (published 1 day before they spoke with Charles Kettle, the interim police chief on Aug. 11, 2016:

·        Colorado citizens; Barbara Hulet, Donna Biliko, Rosemary Anderson, David Justice, Beb Watts and Betty Oglesby.
·        Colorado county government agents Sheriff Fred McKee and Police Chief Charles Kettle.
·        Arizona citizen Jeanette Finicum, the wife of LaVoy Finicum.
·        Utah citizen Thara Tenney, the oldest daughter of LaVoy Finicum.

This irresponsible intimidation and libel is both unacceptable and bordering on harmful. And it needs to stop.


I, Thara Tenney, the oldest daughter of LaVoy Finicum, was the main speaker at this symposium. My speech is titled, “Habits of the Heart; a Perpetuation of Freedom”. In this speech I talk of my father, LaVoy Finicum, who he truly was, what enabled him to be a powerful voice for freedom, what got him to Oregon, what he was accomplishing in Oregon, and I end with an invitation for others to do their due diligence to maintain our republic as responsible citizens.

I am a citizen following the law within the boundaries of a republican form of government. I reject any form of government where the governed or the governors misuse government irresponsibly. I reject soundly, forms of government supported by any governed who claim they are without law and who consider themselves sovereign and without government. I reject soundly, forms of government supported by any governor who claim that the governed are subject to all laws, regardless of abuse and irresponsible application and who, subsequently, take advantage of the governed’s ignorance and irresponsible reactions.




It is very clear how the governed are sensing this modern irresponsibility and are reacting the best they know how. I say stop abusing their ignorance, stop abusing their trust, stop the intimidation and the slander!

The GOVERNMENT (it) is being misused by irresponsible governors to intimidate and slander me and my mother as we are being followed by them having our reputation and character libeled and slandered by them and intimidating citizens and governors of other states. My children were put in harm’s way as the FBI sought the blessing from the local sheriff to raid our event.

We will continue to remain steadfast! We will continue sharing our account of my mother’s husband and my father’s voice. We refuse to have his voice buried along with his body! We claim our right to freedom of speech, free from intimidation by those entrusted with the reins of our government.

My FATHER’S SUPPORT OF “PRO-RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT” (visit his YouTube channel - LaVoy Finicum):

“We are not just a bunch of wannabe anarchist…who don’t believe in government…contrary…I believe in the government…I believe in the federal government…we need the federal government…in the proper place…”

“I believe in government. I believe in the Federal government. We need the federal government. How else are we going to protect our country? I believe in the proper relationship between the States and the Federal government and the counties”


·        We would like to know any unknown details about the CO event meeting of FBI, BLM, Oregon State, and Delta County agents (i.e. such as who organized the meeting who was in attendance, and how any such irresponsible governors are going to be held accountable (e.g. IRS targeting conservative groups, etc.).
·       We would like an inquiry into what criteria was used to link my mother, any afore named Colorado citizens, and myself to an abhorrent group known as “Sovereign Citizens.”
·       We would like to know are we on a list linking us to this irresponsible group? And if so, where is the list? What is the criteria for placement on the list? What is the process for removal (i.e. you would handle that, we would sue, etc.)?
·       We would like you to ask the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore for a Joint Citizen’s commission to study and recommend clearly defined boundaries of what is and is not ‘domestic’ and/or so-called ‘right-wing’ extremism in relation to the abhorrent group known as ‘Sovereign Citizens’.
·       We would like an inquiry into the Department of Justice’s criteria for labeling ‘domestic’ ‘home grown’ and so-called ‘right-wing’ extremists, intergovernmental coordination for interdicting those labeled as ‘domestic’ ‘home grown’ and so-called ‘right wing’ extremists and what remedies or appeals exist for those governed who find themselves labeled as such. 
·       We would like a face to face meeting with you to discuss our situation and ways to move forward in building the disintegrating trust between the governed and those who are governing. Be assured our request is sincere and it is our hope to find ways to rebuild and bridge the gap that exists. Our pain is palpable but our resolve to improve the future is concrete. We would like to do this together.





Yours Affectionately – With Humility and Resolve,

How wonderful it was to announce the NOT GUILTY verdict during the second event in Colorado. The crowd cheered, cried and prayed together. The exact same presentation was given followed by an explanation of the information above followed by an invitation for the people to make their own conclusions. Sheriff Richard Mack the founder of Constitutional Sheriffs association and Dr. Angus McIntosh founder of Allotment Owners in the Western States also spoke and delivered powerful messages on how property rights and law should appropriately interact with one another.

We were so overcome with gratitude for the defendants being exonerated but yet burdened with deep sorrow as our husband and father would have also been exonerated. Rather he was denied his right to a fair trial, he was denied his right to life for merely using his words to educate others of Constitutional principles.  


A jury of his peers vicariously found that LaVoy too was NOT GUILTY! 

Written by: 
Thara Tenney (LaVoy's daughter)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liberty Rising Campaign Launch

Saturday, July 30th 2016 is the launch of
Liberty Rising’s campaign.

Our very first property rights symposium will be in Orem, Utah.

For those near the area and wish to attend, here is the link for registration:

Those who host and attend our symposiums will leave knowing the true story of who LaVoy Finicum was and exactly what he was doing in Oregon. There will be a strong feeling of empowerment to uphold and defend the Constitution as you will be introduced to a burning spirit of liberty coupled with essential resources to aid your development to effectively press forward in pledging an allegiance to the republic.

The mission of Liberty Rising:
We the Finicum Family,
seeking to better
understand, maintain and defend
our God given rights
to further our eternal happiness,
will virtuously let our voices be heard

Educating on the principles of the Constitution
and our testimonies be seen for
  • Personal Property Rights
  • Liberty and Freedom
and one that has become even more
near and dear to us as of late
  • The importance of LIFE

Visit our website for details on how you might host a symposium in your area.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Bend, OR; Salt Lake City, UT; Las Vegas, NV; and Fredonia, AZ -- Eyewitnesses of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation held four simultaneous news conferences in four states today to reject the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (US F&WS) claims that there were $6 million in damages left behind at the refuge.

Las Vegas, NV eyewitnesses include Nevada State Assembly members John Moore and Shelly Shelton, and Stand By Me for Liberty Rally organizer Karen Steelmon.

Bend, OR eyewitnesses include former Harney County Fire Chief Chris Briels and Committee of Safety members Dwayne Schrock, Linsay Tyler and William Wilson.

Salt Lake City, UT eyewitnesses include founder of the oldest women's gun rights organization Janalee Tobias and Thara Finicum Tenney, LaVoy Finicum's oldest daughter.

Fredonia, AZ eyewitnesses include Shawna Cox, whose camera has become the centerpiece of evidence for the murder of LaVoy Finicum, LaVoy's brother Guy Finicum, and Sharla Christie.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released photos from inside the refuge falsely accusing ranchers LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy and others in the peaceful occupation, of causing $6 million in damages.

There is another side to this story.


Evidence shows that the U.S. F&WS used photos to justify a $6 million taxpayer-funded money grab. They represented that they took these photos after the occupation ended, when in fact they were taken by the occupiers themselves when they arrived at the refuge to document the disarray and neglect.

Given the information we now have, the FBI and the US F&WS have clearly committed fraud with intent to cover up their mis-conduct, deceive the taxpayers and incriminate the innocent.

Those involved in this government cover up must be investigated and prosecuted.

In addition, photo and video evidence collected proves that rancher LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy and their followers being held in jail without bond are innocent and we demand their release.

Numerous testimonies from eyewitnesses at the refuge show no damage reported. After LaVoy Finicum was murdered, according to one of the “Final Four” Sandy Anderson, “They [the remaining occupiers] abandoned their belongings and fled for their lives. There was no damage, only minimal disarray left behind. They didn’t have much time.” She also commented that federal officials appear to have tampered with evidence by ransacking their camp site and damaging their property, "running it over with a bulldozer."

Especially since the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the DHS have built reputations for unconstitutional searches and seizures, labeling the victims "domestic terrorists" or "anti-government militants," ransacking homes and causing permanent damage to private property. These unconstitutional acts terrorize citizens without arrest warrants, violating the Fourth Amendment protections, which was also the case with the citizens of Harney County. The occupiers were the peaceful protestors; it is the federal government - the FBI and its contractors - that must be held responsible.

Ample photos and videos have been assembled that show the "before-and-after" and the disarray of the refuge before the occupation began. Once again, unelected government bureaucrats have found another way to grab funding and waste our hard-earned money.

This spectacle was nothing more than a multimillion dollar Academy award winning production in the fiction category, directed by the FBI and its contractors, featuring a cast of characters from the Oregon State Police, intentionally terrorizing the people to try this case in the media. This matter will be tried constitutionally - in a Court of law.

It wasn’t the ranchers. It wasn’t LaVoy, Ammon, Ryan and the other leaders. That’s not who they are.

Supporters are demanding a line item accounting of this taxpayer funded grab. “We’re asking for transparency and disclosure. We want the procurement applications, the invoices and the proof that justifies the outrageous bill we are paying. The occupiers were peaceful. At no time did they brandish guns. It was the federal government that brought in the military equipment and SWAT teams that we are now told cost over $2 and a quarter million! It was the presence of military artillery and vehicles that terrified the townspeople.

They claim 17 employees and their families were in danger of their lives and that they had to be relocated to hotels. Price tag: $2 million. You will not find a single occupier that will tell you LaVoy Finicum, Ammon and Ryan Bundy were dangerous men.

The American people are outraged when they learn the facts. They are rallying in all 50 states to question the integrity of the bureaucrats that run the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The federal government needs to be accountable for the costs of the supposed “restoration” of the refuge.


The Audubon Society, an extremist environmentalist NGO that benefits from and advocates for an unconstitutional federal and international take-over of private property, recently called for volunteers to assist with the clean up. At the same time, the refuge was off-limits to the ranchers' movement, which had hundreds of volunteers willing to donate time to clean up at no cost to taxpayers.


During the 41 days of the occupation, ranchers and patriots did not break any laws. They actually improved the condition of the refuge after the government employees let it fall into disrepair. One of the visitors to the refuge, Nevada Assemblyman John Moore commented, “The government bears the burden of proof, and taking this case to the media is not a Court of law where physical proof is actually required.”

“This is not about grass, trash or cows,” said Sharla Christie (Kanab, UT) a visitor at the refuge during the occupation. “It’s about freedom. LaVoy’s and Ammon’s message is about how government has disregarded our laws. The FEDS are violating the law, not the ranchers or the people that supported this protest.”

Chris Briels and others speaking at the multi-state news conferences agree. They know what it looked like and they say these ranchers did nothing to damage the area. He saw them continually cleaning and fixing the place up, from the corral that was filled with horse manure when they arrived, to the kitchen area that was always in order.”

“We took pictures while were there. I know my father,” said Thara Tenney, LaVoy’s oldest daughter. “He was a meticulous man, and he ran a tight ship at the refuge. If people wanted to eat, they first needed to do their part in keeping the refuge well cared for.”

“I saw nothing that was being damaged,” said Janalee Tobias, the founder of the oldest women’s gun rights group in America. “I originally went to make sure they were not doing anything that would create fear or provoke violence, as we were being told in the news. When I arrived, I saw that Ammon and LaVoy had set up everything so calm and peaceful and well-organized. They spent most of their days teaching the locals about how their elected leaders were violating the Constitution and taking away their rights. From the Hammonds to the Bundy’s, what have these people done to deserve the crimes for which they have been put in jail? What has Dave Bundy done? He took pictures of federal agents. Since when is taking pictures a crime that puts you in jail in solitary confinement without bail?”

Sandy Anderson, one of the "Final Four" whose husband Sean is still in a Portland Oregon jail, commented on her reaction to the US F&WS photos. “It looks as though they took our camp site, trashed it and then ran a bulldozer over it. The night LaVoy was murdered, people were fleeing the refuge and left everything behind – no time to pack or take anything with them. They were in fear for their lives. Nothing there was damaged.”

Testimony of LaVoy Finicum's Family.

Courtesy Gavin Seim:

— Gavin video examining evidence:

— USFWS Photos on Flickr:

— RT Interview:

— Rat Infestation:

— David Fry assasination day:

— 01/26 Drone Footage:

— Patriots Cleaning Barn:

— LaVoy outside building the day before:

— Kitchen Walk through:

— David Fry walk though night of attack:

— Tribal member inspecting artifacts:

From Gary Hunt:

Photos from the Refuge taken and posted by the occupiers to document the state of the refuge when they arrived, and then used by the US F&WS as "evidence" of damage done by occupiers

From LaVoy Finicum's YouTube Channel - A Complete Compilation of his Videos, inlcuding videos he took at the Malheur Refuge as documentation:

From Monte Wells:

The Federal Restitution Scam

Facebook Blain Cooper video, one of the pictures the authorities are using to blame the cowboys is used from this video.

Video showing kitchen while they were there:

Pete Santilli 2 hour video of them cleaning the garage. 6 inch deep rat poop:

Pete Santilli From 28:44 - 40:22 mins Shows cleaning of storage area

Dwain cleaning the barn more detail:

Dwain cleaning the barn:

LaVoy talking about preservation of the property:


My Experience in Oregon at the Malheur Reserve

My name is Guy Finicum. On January 6, 2016 I contacted the Harney County Sheriff’s department and expressed my desire to visit the Malheur Refuge to see if I, with a team of friends, could “help” with the situation there. I received a call back from a Mark Maxwell from the FBI who, through a series of calls and voice mails, told me that I was free to go up there, and that it was my right.

We started our journey that night and arrived in Burns late in the evening of January 7th. Early that morning before daylight, we attempted to stop by the Sheriff’s department to let them know that we had arrived. We were unable to even get to the Sheriff’s Department because it was barricaded off, so we went on out to the refuge.

Upon arriving, we found the place to be very peaceful and orderly. We were welcomed and had the privilege of spending the whole day of January 8th with the occupiers. I attended several meetings with the leadership. First with LaVoy where he explained to us what his purpose was there. That exchange was videoed and is available on the web. I then attended a meeting with the leadership consisting of LaVoy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, and Ryan Payne and two others whose names I don’t recall. During that meeting I learned what their intent and plan for the occupation was. Also in that meeting, I gained some insight into the character of Ammon Bundy. A person entered the room and showed Ammon a money pouch with cash in it that the individual had found in one of the offices. When asked if it could be used to pay for the trash hauling service, Ammon stated that it was not to be used because it did not belong to them. It was also in this meeting where Ammon talked about ongoing efforts to clean up the equipment shop and to address general maintenance and upkeep issues.

The next meeting I sat in on was with Ammon and LaVoy and several other key players as Ammon shared with us all the happening of the previous several months when he had first started trying to help the Hammonds. Ammon said that he had talked to witnesses and had followed every legal process he could to address new information he had uncovered, but was met with resistance and non-cooperation from all levels of government. During these efforts, Ammon reported that he had learned of many other abuses by federal agents in relation to property and civil rights over the past 20 years. Ammon said that he could not in good conscience return home knowing what he had learned and do nothing, and that is when he first entertained the idea of a civil disobedience occupation of the reserve.

I was able to sit in on several other meetings as well that day, and I was privileged to watch the leadership there interacting with Harney County residents, and I also observed a press conference. The last place I visited was where the meals were being prepared and served where things were also very clean and orderly. I must admit that a place covered by 6 to 8 inches of snow has a very clean look, but the snow was several days old and there was no evidence of litter or abuse of property in any way. Some of the offices and rooms I entered were cluttered, but it was clearly evident that the clutter was there prior to the occupation.

The overall attitude of the people there that day was friendly and welcoming. I also observed children playing in the snow and interacting in a happy and carefree manner. Some of my brother’s children and grandchildren had come to visit him that day, as did my elderly mother and father. I saw the relief in my parents’ eyes as they were able to witness firsthand what was really going on, as prior to that they had been troubled by what the media was portraying.

I will gladly testify before any authority to the truth of what I saw there that day. These men and women were peaceful, respectful and conscientious, and they were doing their very best to take care of a facility that they felt belonged to the people of Harney County. There is no question that it was an act of civil disobedience, but it was clearly being carried out with the highest of ideals and with sincere respect and love for their fellow-men.

The final thing I did that day at the Malheur Reserve was give my brother a hug, and tell him how much I loved him... for the last time.

-- Submitted by Guy R. Finicum

Monday, March 21, 2016

Counting Our Blessings

Throughout this heart wrenching experience that has been thrust upon our family, I believe it is important to count our blessings .  It has been such a testimony strengthener to see all the love, support and kindness shown to our family in this great time of need. Just when you think there can be no more hope for humanity, the Lord shows us another tender mercy through one of his many children.

Today I want to share just one of these tender mercies that the Lord has given us, but first I want to share some things about my Dad, LaVoy. First and foremost my Dad was a man of God. He loved God and strived to follow Christ's example every single day. In order to follow someone's example you have to know that person intimately, and what better way to learn and know of Christ then by reading and studying the scriptures daily!

Not only did my Dad do daily personal scripture study, but he did it multiple times a day. He also lead our family in family scripture study every night, where we would discuss all the teachings of the Lord together.  Then on top of all that studying, he would often be found sitting in his rocking chair studying from other books about history, our nation and its founders, prophets of God, and etc. He devoured knowledge and always craved to know more.

Dad thought it important to memorize scriptures and was often working on one. He would write scriptures onto note cards and would carry them with him until he had them memorized. If any of us children had any questions regarding the scriptures he was always the first person we would go to.  He knew the scriptures very well and quoted them often.

After Dad was murdered we longed to get his belongings back from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. We had several people try to help us in this venture but without success. We learned that someone had gone through his things and that not everything was as he had left it, and we began to loose hope.

We gained a glimmer of hope of having Dad's scriptures returned to us after watching the YouTube video that David Fry posted while he was still at the refuge, and on March 16th this month that hope became a reality.

Reverend Franklin Graham and his wife, Jane, made a visit to our home in CaneBeds AZ to personally return Dad's scriptures to our family, most especially to our Mother. Grandpa and Grandma Finicum were able to be there with us. There were hugs, tears and many thanks exchanged. We sat in my Mother's living room talking and telling stories for about an hour; at the end of which we knelt down and Reverend Graham offered a beautiful prayer.

 Dad's scriptures have become sacred and special to us and it was a gift from God that they have been returned to us. Thank you to everyone who put effort into this miracle.

The last 4 standing  who found dad's bible named the camp "Camp LaVoy" with a cross. Very cool.  

Written by: Brittney Beck (LaVoy's Daughter)

Family Statement to the world shorty after LaVoys murder.


We know that there are always at least two sides to every story. We also know and recognize that the FBI and law enforcement agencies involved will do everything in their power to make it appear as if the needless death of our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son, LaVoy Finicum, was justified.

Like almost everyone else, we were not there, so we don’t know exactly what happened. Like most others, we have no choice but to rely on other sources of information. One of those sources of information is the account of Victoria Sharp. Another piece of information is the video recently released by the FBI, along with the FBI’s chosen narrative of what happened. In response to this information, we would like to make a few observations.

The first observation is that from what we understand, the occupation was on track toward a peaceful resolution. LaVoy and those he was with were en route to a public meeting in an adjoining county when they were stopped in something far different than a “routine traffic stop,” as has been portrayed by the media. Unfortunately, the powers that be were not interested in being patient enough for the occupation to come to a peaceful end. Some had called for LaVoy and those he was with to simply be gunned down, just as he was, with no due process. Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, was putting pressure on the FBI to end it sooner rather than later. The Harney County Sheriff’s Department working in conjunction with the FBI tried to do everything they could to emphasize how disruptive the occupation was to the local community, when in reality it appears to have been their own reaction that was causing most of the disruption. And it was the FBI that chose to escalate the situation to force a confrontation, and violent ending.

With respect to the actual facts and circumstances surrounding LaVoy’s death, the video really speaks for itself. People will interpret it according to their own views. As the FBI’s own narrative stated, LaVoy was not wielding a firearm or any other weapon when he was killed. His hands were obviously in the air. Knowing LaVoy, it is our view that he was moving away from the vehicle in an attempt to draw any hostility or violence away from the others. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he was saying, and what was being said to him. He appears to have been gesturing, or trying to keep his balance while moving in the deep snow. Although he may have been animated, he does not appear to have been threatening or posing any real threat or danger to anyone. The FBI claims that LaVoy had a loaded firearm in an inside pocket of his coat. After re-reviewing the extended video, at this point we are not accepting at face value the FBI’s statement that LaVoy was actually armed. But even if he was, as far as we can see, that firearm posed no more danger to anyone than it would have if he had stayed in the vehicle, with his hands on the steering wheel. Contrary to what has been stated by some sources, LaVoy was not “charging” anyone. He appears to have been shot in the back, with his hands in the air.

It is our understanding that according to applicable law, the use of deadly force is justified only if there is a genuine threat of death or serious bodily injury. It is our understanding and position that deadly force should only be used as a last resort. In LaVoy’s case it appears that they were determined to go straight to the last resort. It is our understanding that the U.S. Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of appeals have ruled as follows:

“The reasonableness of [officers’] actions depends both on whether the officers were in danger at the precise moment that they used force and on whether [the officers’] own reckless or deliberate conduct during the seizure unreasonably created the need to use such force.”
"[W]here an officer intentionally or recklessly provokes a violent confrontation . . . he may be held liable for his otherwise defensive use of deadly force.” Although officers may claim self-defense, they may still be liable for using excessive force if their reckless and unconstitutional actions create the need to use excessive force.

It is our understanding that in addition to shooting LaVoy multiple times, after he was left lying harmlessly on the ground the officers also fired upon his truck and the passengers in it, putting them all at risk, despite the fact that they were posing no threat to anyone. The video clearly shows one of the windows being blown out. It has been gut-wrenching for our family to view the video of LaVoy being shot, and then left to lie in the snow while a whole army of so-called “public servants” terrorized the others. We can only hope their families never have to watch such a thing. We will be interested to inspect the vehicle. We will also be interested to see the autopsy report.

At this point we will await the outcome of any investigation, but based on the information currently available to us, we do NOT believe that LaVoy’s shooting death was justified. We likewise can't see any justification for the force and risk of serious injury or death that was exerted against the others in the truck, who posed no threat.

We know that under such circumstances law enforcement typically makes every attempt to cast such shooting victims in the worst possible light. In that regard, we also want to observe and emphasize that LaVoy had a squeaky clean record, and had never had so much as a speeding ticket. In addition to raising his own eleven children, he had also been entrusted with the care of at least 50 foster children over the course of approximately 10 years.

On January 7, 2016, LaVoy issued an official statement from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Among other things, the statement said:

“We want to clarify that we share any and all concerns about safety for everyone involved, including ourselves, our families, the public, and law enforcement officers. All lives are important to us. Ultimately, we want everyone involved to be able to return safely to their homes and families.
We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments do not share the same concern for human life. We are deeply troubled that our governments would view whatever was happening at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to be worth spilling blood over. We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments have come to place so little value on life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.
We love LaVoy as our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. He was a hero to us. We believe he died as a patriotic martyr. Regardless of any and all differing opinions, we know that he died standing for a cause HE believed in.

LaVoy’s funeral will be held in Kanab, Utah on Friday, February 5, 2016. We take comfort in our faith and our belief that LaVoy is now in a better place. May our dear Lord bless and receive him into that realm. We sincerely appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way. We pray for those who chose to take LaVoy’s life. We desire justice and genuine accountability for what happened, but we pray for them.

And finally, we thank God for this country and what it is supposed to stand for. We pray for this country, and that God will please bless, help and forgive us all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

National Stand By Me For Liberty

Over 500 rally's took place across this nation on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 in honor of our politically assassinated husband, father and patriot; LaVoy Finicum. January 26th, 2016 has become a turning point for this nation as his murder has started a powerful Liberty Rising movement in the hearts of the American people. LaVoy's blood has and is watering the tree of liberty.

The below map was developed by a reporter to mark where the rally's took place across the nation.

Jeanette Finicum attended the Salt Lake City, Utah rally and
courageously expressed what she saw happen in the released video of his murder.

The Finicum family announced at the Salt Lake rally how they are launching their campaign to carry on the message of LaVoy Finicum. There is great need for a revolution of the minds. His voice is not silenced. The injustice of his murder is igniting the spirit of liberty in the hearts of many American's.

As we unite it is important for all to understand our family mission in moving forward with our husband and fathers message:


We seek to be better understand,
maintain and defend our
God given rights
to further our eternal happiness.
To do so we will virtuously and competently
let our voices be heard and our testimonies be seen for
Personal Property Rights
Liberty and Freedom
The Constitution
and one that has become even more near and dear to us as of late,
The importance of LIFE.


We understand how much of Americans today do not understand this Liberty they enjoy and what it takes to maintain it. Freedom is NOT free, much of the people have forgotten what is required to be free. 


Liberty has been created by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and it is our responsibility to learn how to use this liberty appropriately, then to defend it, suffer for it and even die for it. If we don’t do these things, the blessings and privileges of this God given liberty will be lost to all that opposes truth and light. Our husband and father understood this. He upheld his responsibility to appropriately learn how to use liberty. He then defended it, suffered for it and was murdered for liberty.

As mentioned in previous posts, LaVoy's legacy of learning how to appropriately use his God given liberty began years ago as he practiced daily diligence in the things that refined and educated himself. He invited all who had an ear to listen to also do the work required to become informed on this topic of liberty because he understood the principle that one cannot give that which he or she does not have.

It is imperative to understand how liberty requires not just the structures of freedom such as constitution and law, but the 'spirit of liberty'. LaVoy, as do his family, understand how despite while the structures of liberty such as constitution and law can by established for centuries, that the 'spirit of liberty' must be alive from generation to generation and if a generation arises that does not understand liberty as a habit of the heart, then freedom is in danger of being lost.

What then is this 'spirit of liberty', this 'habit of the heart'?

Liberty is not the freedom to do what you want but the power to do what you ought. Freedom requires virtue. The founders understood this as we read of John Adams bold statement of how, "only a virtuous people are capable of freedom."

  A true menace to freedom is what a Greek historian called a 'corruption of customs'. On the contrary there is a culture today who believes that what is decisive for any nation is its constitution and its fundamental laws. Leaders of this great nation pretentiously lean on the idea of how ours is the world's longest surviving constitution and maybe the greatest, claiming this is all it takes.

No no, says the Greek historians our founders studied. On the contrary, the best constitution in the world, if you have a 'corruption of customs', traditions and moral standards of the people, the best constitution in the world will eventually be subverted. It would still have the same name but it would be a different reality. This is always the vulnerable temptation at times of power and prosperity. When a nation has become powerful and free, freedom is taken for granted and the whole notion of sustaining freedom is FORGOTTEN.

Freedom requires virtue. Now you can see how that is gone today. When the build up towards the Clinton impeachment happened there was a famous letter in the new york times by various American scholars stating how, “Character does not matter, all the matters in a president today is competence.” This is just one tiny example how you can see the widespread dismissal of this prerequisite to freedom. One historian described it as an 800 pound gorilla in the room that is so obvious and yet hardly mentioned today.

Here is what you can do:
And so I invite you today to do the work to get your life in order. Do the daily diligence to get yourself out of debt, improve your physical health with healthy food and exercise. Choose to surround yourself with those people and content that will refine you as an individual. Get square with your God. Repent of those things in your life that is not in line with God's laws.

I promise that as we use our agency to do these things
that we will be in a better position to be more of an
effective tool for this cause of Liberty. Such daily
diligence will enable an individual to possess the
characteristic of virtue, which is a prerequisite for

Will you
stand with us? Will you choose to be virtuous in
your stand with us?