Monday, March 21, 2016

Counting Our Blessings

Throughout this heart wrenching experience that has been thrust upon our family, I believe it is important to count our blessings .  It has been such a testimony strengthener to see all the love, support and kindness shown to our family in this great time of need. Just when you think there can be no more hope for humanity, the Lord shows us another tender mercy through one of his many children.

Today I want to share just one of these tender mercies that the Lord has given us, but first I want to share some things about my Dad, LaVoy. First and foremost my Dad was a man of God. He loved God and strived to follow Christ's example every single day. In order to follow someone's example you have to know that person intimately, and what better way to learn and know of Christ then by reading and studying the scriptures daily!

Not only did my Dad do daily personal scripture study, but he did it multiple times a day. He also lead our family in family scripture study every night, where we would discuss all the teachings of the Lord together.  Then on top of all that studying, he would often be found sitting in his rocking chair studying from other books about history, our nation and its founders, prophets of God, and etc. He devoured knowledge and always craved to know more.

Dad thought it important to memorize scriptures and was often working on one. He would write scriptures onto note cards and would carry them with him until he had them memorized. If any of us children had any questions regarding the scriptures he was always the first person we would go to.  He knew the scriptures very well and quoted them often.

After Dad was murdered we longed to get his belongings back from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. We had several people try to help us in this venture but without success. We learned that someone had gone through his things and that not everything was as he had left it, and we began to loose hope.

We gained a glimmer of hope of having Dad's scriptures returned to us after watching the YouTube video that David Fry posted while he was still at the refuge, and on March 16th this month that hope became a reality.

Reverend Franklin Graham and his wife, Jane, made a visit to our home in CaneBeds AZ to personally return Dad's scriptures to our family, most especially to our Mother. Grandpa and Grandma Finicum were able to be there with us. There were hugs, tears and many thanks exchanged. We sat in my Mother's living room talking and telling stories for about an hour; at the end of which we knelt down and Reverend Graham offered a beautiful prayer.

 Dad's scriptures have become sacred and special to us and it was a gift from God that they have been returned to us. Thank you to everyone who put effort into this miracle.

The last 4 standing  who found dad's bible named the camp "Camp LaVoy" with a cross. Very cool.  

Written by: Brittney Beck (LaVoy's Daughter)

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